Cater Brazil is a family owned company
inspired by Veroca, Vera Santana. Veroca is a
spectacular chef in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil.
She got her first job in the restaurant business
when she was fourteen years old and became a
great chef. Manager of her own catering business,
she has delighted and entertained many
individuals with her delicious food and catering
business for about five decades.
Mother of three wonderful children, Veroca
passed on her gift to her youngest, Alexander
Santana, who was privileged to follow Veroca's
foot steps and became a great chef himself.

Growing up by the side of his mother watching
over the business and helping her in the
kitchen, Alex developed the passion for events and
cooking just like his mother.
Moving to Houston in 1999, Alex's cooking
became his only way to connect with his
mother. It was like the old times when the both
of them spent time sharing the same kitchen.
A simple everyday meal for him was another
delightful plate. Always looking for the best
ingredients and a great appearance on his
many meals, just like his mom, Alex was
always delighting his guests.

After catering and planning a successful
wedding party for one of his friends, Cater
Brazil was born. Combining Veroca's recipes
with Alex' s own creations and catering experience,
Cater Brazil was open for business.  Always
looking for high quality food, great
presentation, and excellent service, Cater Brazil is
bringing a special meaning to catering.
Our Story
About Cater Brazil