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One of Brazilians most popular dishes. (Black Bean Stew
with smoke sausage, dry salted beef and pork. Served with
rice, collard greens, farofa (seasoned yucca flour dish with
eggs, bacon, onion, and Italian parsley), and oranges
Frango recheado com presunto e queijo gorgonzola servido com
arroz branco, e legumes. (Chicken stuffed with ham and
gorgonzola cheese cream served with white rice and

Camarao na Moranga servido com arroz branco e vegetais
(Cream Shrimp dish served inside of a baked Pumpkin.
White rice and seasonal vegetables as sides)  

Bobo de Camarao servido com arroz branco e chuchu
(Delicious Yucca cream with shrimp served with white rice and
squash coyote)                                     

Jardineira com arroz branco e feijao preto (Beef Stew cooked
with fresh vegetables served with white rice and black
Lasagna de carne e presunto com molho branco.
(Beef Lasagna with marinara ground beef sauce, ham, white
cream, and mozzarella cheese.)         

Empadao de frango com milho e azeitonas pretas
(Chicken Pot Pie our style with sweet corn and black
Gnocchi de Aipim com Frango ou Carne Assada Yucca
Gnocchi cooked our style with tasteful homemade tomato
sauce, served with grilled chicken or Carne
Beef Roulette
(Beef rolls stuffed with carrots, green peppers, and onions
served with mashed potatoes and coyote squash)

Stroganoff de frango ou de carne servido com arroz branco e
batatas coradas.
(Beef or Chicken Stroganoff served with white rice and
roasted potatoes)

Frango Arrepiado
Delicioso frango desfiado com milho e requeijao gratinado
servido com arroz branco e batata palha. (Delicious cream
chicken dish with sweet corn au gratin served with white rice
and potato sticks)
Camarao na Moranga
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